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Bus Accident Injury

Bus Accident Injury Attorney


There are tons of buses on the road every day. Bus accidents can involve public buses, private buses, long distance travel buses, tour buses, and school buses. The size of the bus not only makes it more difficult to manage and maneuver, but it also requires more frequent and tedious maintenance. Another big issue is the fact that many buses are not required to have seat belts.

If you have sustained injury from an accident involving a bus, you should immediately contact an attorney with experience in this field. Liability for bus accidents can be very confusing. You may be dealing with a private entity, government entity, or an insurance company. Only an experienced bus accident attorney knows the necessary steps to take and the time in which you must take them. In addition a lawyer can truly evaluate what amount of money will cover your pain and suffering.  In Miami-Dade County, you can trust The Law Offices of Alexander B. Ramey to handle your personal needs.